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A guest’s impression of a hotel is formed in the first 10 minutes of arrival. Digital signage is one of the easiest ways to serve a variety of important welcome messages, useful information and entertainment to guests within that crucial time period. In restaurants, digital signage reduces perceived wait time and ensures customers see relevant, useful information at the point of purchase. Once reserved for large chains and brands, ScreenCloud is making digital signage accessible to all and easy to implement.

Key benefits of digital signage in hospitality

  • Change information and notices easily
  • Reduce perceived wait time
  • Display advertising alongside useful information
  • Create digital menu boards
  • Capture more attention and upsell facilities
  • Save money and time on printed signs
  • Share social media and increase following
  • Makes guests linger longer

Why use ScreenCloud for your hotel or restaurant’s digital signage campaign?

ScreenCloud is a simple to use software system that gives you the power to manage content across all of your screens, throughout all of your locations. Many hotels and restaurants have digital screens up on the wall, but few are optimizing them to engage and inform patrons. ScreenCloud makes great-looking digital screens accessible to all businesses and improves the content creation process for better displays.

Manage one screen or one thousand screens from a central management system, or give power to specific managers to drive their own campaigns throughout chains. Content can be rolled out universally through playlists and scheduling, or chosen on a screen-by-screen basis for location-based targeting.

Worried about a poor Wi-Fi connection? ScreenCloud caches content and is available to work offline.

Worried about a poor Wi-Fi connection? ScreenCloud caches content and is available to work offline.

ScreenCloud also makes content creation easy. Giving you the tools to add content you already own such as videos, image galleries and other media files as well as a rich App Store full of options.

ScreenCloud & Events

Digital signage and events are a great match. Within a live event setting digital screens become a vehicle for social media, live speaker debates and sharing useful event content which can be tailored by audience.

A digital signage network gives hotels and venues a way to rebrand their entire venue - at the click of a button. Tearing down signs or sticking up notices are dated ways of changing content for a specific event. With digital signage, you can rebrand your entire event in seconds, adding more value to the organizer and sponsors and helping the customer to feel that their experience is completely personalized. Effectively creating a blank canvas which your hotel can edit - again and again.

Then there’s the logistics. If the agenda changes or you need to move to a different room, digital screens can be updated in seconds. Forget paper signs and dated directions, digital signage makes events more fun, relevant and affordable.

ScreenCloud hardware compatibility

ScreenCloud is compatible and can be set up in minutes on any Android TV screen. ScreenCloud can also be used on any regular TV monitor paired with any media device.

Use our hardware selector tool.

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ScreenCloud key features for hospitality

  • Manage thousands of screens under one network
    Roll out consistent campaigns across your hotels or restaurants by deploying digital signage campaigns that can be managed from one core, cloud-based software system. Then give access and permissions to different managers through users and team features.
  • Change content in the moment with an easy to use CMS
    Our CMS is extremely user friendly, allowing you to make changes to your campaigns in seconds. React to customer queries, availability, menu items and emergency situations by dragging and dropping new content into playlists, or editing schedules from anywhere in the world.
  • Create advertising alongside useful information
    Use the power of apps and playlists to pair advertising content with genuinely useful information such as digital menu boards, news feeds and travel information. Create digital signs that your visitors want to read while you improve engagement for your advertising partners.
  • Stable system, full support
    Our support team are always on hand to discuss any “out of the box” digital signage campaigns you wish to deploy. We charge on a screen-by-screen basis and only for the screens that are actually in use, with an annual invoice payment option available.
  • Look to the future of digital signage
    We see the future of digital screens as interactive, IoT-enabled devices that allow customers to interact while providing refined analytics to hotel, restaurant and venue owners. Check out what we’re already doing with voice-activated screens.

Hospitality customers already using ScreenCloud

Restaurant & Bar Mamuśka!

ScreenCloud has allowed us to instantly display photos of our delicious food, post information on upcoming events, promote special products and bridge the gap between promotion, sales and operations. All of this has been achieved with ease because our front of house staff can access and post themselves, without having to go through the IT Geeks! Using ScreenCloud we have saved time and money, have livened up the whole brand experience and are achieving very effective results all around.

Mitchell’s Delicatessen

I liked that ScreenCloud let me try it out before I committed to any long term contracts or specialty hardware. It was really easy to get a demo running in my living room on a home theater flat screen with an Amazon Fire Box. At the time, I joked with my wife that it only took 15 minutes to set up plus the 4-5 years I’ve been researching this field.

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