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There's a huge number of benefits to conducting in store retail campaigns through digital screens. Not only is it proven that digital signage affects purchasing decisions in nearly half of all audiences, but it also entices 80% of shoppers to go into stores in the first place. Physical stores are always competing against online counterparts. Digital signage brings customers in, creates high quality visuals and engages customers in multiple ways, that they'll remember.

Key benefits of digital signage in retail

  • Brings an element of online shopping into your physical store
  • Immediately impacts sales
  • Captures more attention from shoppers
  • Allows you to adjust messaging and pricing information in the moment
  • Gives you the power to change content as often as you like
  • Gets more customers talking about your brand on social media
  • Provides notices and news that makes shoppers linger longer
  • Creates experiences with IoT-enabled screens

Why use ScreenCloud for your in store digital signage campaign?

ScreenCloud is a simple to use software system that gives you the power to manage content across all of your screens, throughout all of your stores. For a long time, digital signage has been restricted to flagship stores and big budget brands. ScreenCloud makes great-looking digital screens accessible to all.

Whether you're a one-person convenience store or an enterprise-level retailer, ScreenCloud gives you the infrastructure needed to create powerful in store campaigns.

Manage one screen or one thousand screens from a central management system, or give power to in store managers to drive their own campaigns. Content can be rolled out universally through playlists and scheduling, or chosen on a screen-by-screen basis for location-based targeting.

Worried about a poor Wi-Fi connection? ScreenCloud caches content and is available to work offline.

ScreenCloud also makes content creation easy. Giving you the tools to add content you already own such as videos, image galleries and other media files as well as a rich App Store full of options.

ScreenCloud hardware compatibility

ScreenCloud is compatible and can be set up in minutes on any Android TV screen. ScreenCloud can also be used on any regular TV monitor paired with one of the many media devices such as those shown below.

Our team are always on hand to help advise on the best media player option for retail stores or use our hardware selector tool.

live_helpHardware Selector

ScreenCloud key features for retail digital signage

  • Manage thousands of screens under one network
    Draw customers into every store by deploying digital signage campaigns that can be managed from one core, cloud-based software system. Then give access and permissions to different store managers through user and team features.
  • Change content in the moment with an easy to use CMS
    Our CMS is extremely user friendly, allowing you to make changes to your campaigns in seconds. React to customer queries, stock product levels and real time marketing by dragging and dropping new content into playlists, or editing schedules from anywhere in the world.
  • Create meaningful in store connections
    With a ton of apps to choose from, you can create meaningful connections with your customers through social media, loyalty campaigns and reward systems shared on screen. Create leaderboards, gamify the shopping experience and let your customers become part of the brand.
  • Stable system, full support
    Our support team are always on hand and to discuss any “out of the box” digital signage campaigns you wish to deploy. We charge on a screen-by-screen basis and only for the screens that are actually in use, with an annual invoice payment option available.
  • Look to the future of digital signage
    We see the future of digital screens as smart, IoT-enabled devices that allow customers to interact while providing refined feedback and analytics to store owners and brands. We're also working to help make this happen, by exploring the possibility of voice-activated screens and connected retail stores.

Retail stores and campaigns using ScreenCloud

Lenovo at PC World

ScreenCloud delivered exactly what I needed and have been very easy to work with. With a project so complex I didn't worry once about ScreenCloud not delivering on time. I'm pleased to say they succeeded in delivering a great experience for me and my customers. I would recommend any business with digital signage to use ScreenCloud. If you have a lot of digital signage to manage and need your content to be updated rapidly and safely then ScreenCloud is the service to go for.


Soletrader is excited to partner with ScreenCloud and their elegant solution to deliver our fabulous social content in store, and to create a genuine multichannel experience for our customers.

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