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30 Examples of Good Content for Digital Signage

If you need digital signage-spiration then we have 30 awesome examples from retail, schools, offices and restaurants to share with you.

Mar 2019

30 Examples of Good Content for Digital Signage

When it comes to making your digital signage display look good, it almost always comes down to the content you show. Bad content can make even the shiniest of screens look dated whereas good content can bring even the oldest of screens to life. It’s the content that will feed your audience’s reaction. It’s the videos, images and social media experiences that they’ll remember.

Now if you’re thinking “but I don’t know what content to show” then it’s time for us to give you a blast of inspiration. With no less than 30 examples of digital signage content, all totally achievable, that you can use as an idea bank, for when you need new digital signage concepts.

Let’s go!

30 Examples of Digital Signage Content

1. Social media dashboards and apps

Some of the best digital signage displays are born out of efforts that have already been spent elsewhere.

The most obvious is social media. If you invest your efforts in social media, why not use this to bring your digital screens to life too? Social media is a rich way to bring customer testimonials, product information and the latest news into your physical location. It helps pair your online reputation with your offline one, building credibility and helping customers to see where they can find you after they leave.

Some of the apps you can use to share your social media feeds to screen include:

2. Your website

You can show your website (or any URL in fact) on screen by simply adding it to the ScreenCloud Signage dashboard. A simple way to help direct your audience online and showcase your best work! Plus show off that nifty website you had created.

3. Video content

Video is the perfect content form for digital signage, given that it’s usually already screen-ready in 16:9 format. Video to share on digital signage could be your showreel, a new demo video, or a customer caught on screen talking about how great you are. Both are great pieces of content and can easily be added to your screen playlist, either by direct upload or through an app such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Customers are 10 times more likely to observe dynamic digital signage content than static messages. That makes video about as essential as ice cream on a hot day. 

4. Images

They say an image covers more than a thousand words, so use them to tell your brand story. ScreenCloud supports many image formats, including JPEG, PNG and GIF so you can upload images from company workshops, events, product showcases - anything you like really. The playlist function of ScreenCloud means you can create your own image showreel, simply by uploading the images, setting the duration of each one and then leaving them to play.

You can also pull images from an app like Dropbox Gallery app, which makes uploading new image content even easier.

5. Quick notices

If you need to create a quick notice, perhaps detailing a room change or a meeting time, there are a wealth of apps to make that happen. Firstly, let us tell you about Noticeboard - an app that can be found in the ScreenCloud App Store. It allows you to create a quick and easy display in seconds.

Of course, you can also use simple content creation tools such as Picmonkey and Canva to do the same job, then simply upload the quote or image as a file. 

6. Current news and events

Most of us have a preferred news site or newspaper we turn to when we want to find out what’s going on in the world. That’s why we’ve created apps that cover many of the most popular news sites including Aljazeera news, CNN news and ESPN.

Add a news app to your digital signage playlist and you’ll always be up to date with the latest headlines. Your customers will sip their coffee longer, your guests will loiter in your reception hall.

7. Industry specific news

As well as general news, let’s get your displays really specific. RSS feeds are the gateway to unlocking any content you like. From Buzzfeed, to your company blog to specialized news from your niche. 

If you’re a TechCrunch fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) we’ve even created a TechCrunch app for you.

8. General information

Most content marketing decays over time. You know what doesn’t decay? Apps that show you weather, stocks and currency in real time.

That’s right, these apps are super simple and effective. They appeal to almost all audiences - we even have one of our schools using them to help students brush up on their economics.

This type of content works well as ‘filler’ content in between your awesome video ads and social media displays to stop your viewers from getting digital-overload.

9. Digital menu boards

Food is such a big part of our lives, it’s natural that we’re drawn to images, descriptions and menu boards showing it. Enter the digital menu board digital signage display.

digital signage

An awesome digital menu board example at our buddy’s Mario’s Pizzeria

This is one of the most important content displays you’ll create if you work in a restaurant, fast food chain or bar. It also works in an office cafeteria, an event setup or even as a fun noticeboard where you can swap menu items out for things you’re working on or fun descriptions of your team members.

We have this great guide on how to set up a digital menu board if you need any help getting started.

10. Customer quotes

You know who might do an even better job of selling your company than your staff members? Your customers. If you have happy customers leaving you a review via TripAdvisor, Yelp or even manually, put them up onto your screen and share them with other customers. Not only does this give a nod of thanks, but it increases the likelihood of getting future reviews (and therefore future custom) too.

11. Sales dashboards

Companies driving with data are more likely to succeed, but where does your important data live? In a sales CRM or behind a company intranet? Digital signage lets you pull live sales data up onto the physical screens surrounding your sales people.

12. Project management insights

If you have a product, gaining visibility over feature development, customer number or what the future holds is kind of central to your work. That’s why pulling project management insights from Jira, Trello or your favorite project management tool and sharing them through digital signage in your office, or meeting room, helps everyone to stay on the product pulse.

13. Slack chats

We love Slack at ScreenCloud. Like many startups, it’s how we do about 90% of our communication. So when a room’s really crucial to what we do, like our #praise room, we share it on our digital signage screens. This is made really easy with Slack app.

14. Sales posters

Digital signage is a great canvas for all of your sales, small or large. Share real time sales messages, promote offers and encourage customers to buy when the price is right.

15. Building directories

How much time do you think your reception staff spend directing people to the right floor or meeting room? We love using building directory app to share details of where everything is through our digital signage screens. The best part? If a room changes, you can update the screen easily unlike your static signs.

16. Advertising digital signage displays

As well as advertising your own content, digital signage is a great method for selling advertising space within your building or store. Simple playlist setup means you can schedule specific advertising slots, upload sponsor content between your own notices, or have dedicated days or areas where only advertising is shown.

How Tree House uses digital signage for tenant communications and partner advertising.

17. Live travel information

If travel is essential to your customers, or employees, then sharing a live travel information board is a great use of your digital signage. As you can see here, this provides up to the minute travel details on buses, trains and trams for your local area.

18. User generated content

It’s nice to share your own content but a good rule of thumb with digital signage is to not make it all about you. This is where user generated content, that’s the stuff your customers create for you, either organically or because you’ve asked them to, comes in handy. This could be reviews, social media feeds or customer quotes as a few examples.

19. Real time promotions

The benefit of digital signage over static signage or printed pamphlets is that it can be updated, in the moment. This gives you the power to update signs with real time offers or promotions on items that are low in stock, or that might go out of date, in order to increase sales for that day.

MonLeisure uses some of its digital signage screens to push real time promotions, like an after school offer or a meal deal.

20. Company broadcasts

Imagine having a method of internal communication that allowed you to broadcast to your entire company, at the click of a “cast” button. That’s what digital signage provides once your screen network is in place. This makes it easy to share company broadcasts that go out to all screens simultaneously with news, praise or health and safety announcements.  

21. In-store promotions

Digital signage can be used in retail to show-off in-store promotions and increase the number of customers who take up offers as they’re available.

SOLETRADER uses digital signage to share the company’s Instagram feed, promoting more discussion and helping customers to see its shoes out in the world.

22. Inspirational quotes

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? Using digital signage to share motivational quotes works in almost any scenario. In the ScreenCloud office, we even share quotes of things our Founders have said to keep the team inspired and uplifted.

23. Sermon notices

In churches, sermon timetables and sermon quotes are both ways you could use digital signage to attract and retain more members to your sessions.

One of the digital notices created by our customer Pflugerville Church.

24. Leaderboards

Everyone likes to see where they are in a leaderboard, whether that’s sales employees taking part in target training, or a gym membership that compares how many burpees a member’s done that week. Use your digital screens to show off this leaderboard. You can create it easily using Google Slides, or for something more automated, check out a tool like Bonusly, as shown below.

Staff recognition by Bonusly.

25. Competitions

In the same way you might use your digital signage to share leaderboards, you could also entice employees or customers in with competitions. Promoting giveaways or asking them to submit something (like an Instagram image) for the chance to win, is a great use of your digital screens.

26. Emergency notices

Screens are great for all of the good stuff we like to put out into the world, but they’re also a good vehicle when you need to make an emergency notice that needs to reach a lot of people.

27. Meeting room signs

Ever had a bad meeting room experience? Someone waiting awkwardly outside? Knocking before you’re finished to ask ‘how long’? Same. It’s why using small screens, iPads or tablets you have laying around is an awesome use of digital signage. We wrote more about how to set this up here.  

28. Employee profiles

Companies with fast growth will know the pain of getting to know employees, when there seems to be more new people arriving faster than you can say “All hands”. It’s why Meet the Team app is a fast and easy way to upload employees, old or new, and show them off to all of your team. You can also use this in-store or in your hotel or restaurant, for that personal touch.

29. Showcases of work

If you work in an art gallery or somewhere you want to show off work, then digital signage is a great way to showcase photos, videos or actual designs of something special you’ve been working on.

Connecticut Public Learning helps its students to see their work in the real world, via digital signage screens on campus.

30. Internal communications

Of course digital signage can always be used to create a pretty picture, but when it’s seriously useful, that’s when it makes the biggest difference. Digital signage is increasingly being used to facilitate and improve internal communication strategies. From sharing company notices, to key information and reinforcing health and safety training messages, so that they’re always seen.  

internal communication display

ScreenCloud customer Granger Waste Services using digital signage to share important internal messaging

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Now that you have so many ideas about how to create content and how easy it is to get it up on your screen it’s time to get started. Try our 14-day free trial - we can’t wait to see what you create.

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