ScreenCloud Slack App Guide

Ensure everyone sees your latest Slack messages by putting them on the big screen.

May 2018

ScreenCloud Slack App Guide

The ScreenCloud Slack app helps everyone stay up to date with the latest Slack messages by sharing them on your digital screens. This ensures that nobody misses a message and can view all of the most important conversations without having to be glued to their personal devices.

(Slack is one of our most used tools in the ScreenCloud office and we love having it up on the screen!)

With the ScreenCloud Slack app you can:

  • See messages appear on screen in real time
  • Choose how to view your content; whether it’s by message, channels or chat logs
  • Custom-brand how your Slack app looks and feels on screen

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Slack app

To begin, follow this link and select “Install this app” in the bottom right-hand corner. This will log you into your ScreenCloud account, or prompt you to set up our free trial in order to use the Slack app and others within our App Store.

Once logged in, select “Add this app” from the top right-hand corner.

2. Connect your Slack account

The first thing to organize is adding your Slack account. Next to Connect Slack select “login”.

A window will open asking you to add your Slack workspace to ScreenCloud. Enter your workspace URL and sign into Slack. Once you are signed in, you’ll need to Authorize ScreenCloud and select which rooms or chat logs you wish to give ScreenCloud permission to share.

Once you have authorized Slack app and chosen your settings, you’ll see the green checkmark next to “Login”.

3. Choose your settings

In the settings panel you will need to choose your settings for the below options:

  • Theme: this is the colour theme you wish your Slack messages to show in. There are lots of different options including:

The Default Slack app theme:

A dark theme:

A light theme:

A custom theme:

To create a custom theme, check out our guide on how to use the App Theme Editor. Once you’ve set up a custom theme you will see this in the theme dropdown box within the Slack app settings.

  • Layout: choose between “Chat log” which will show all of the most recent messages or “Latest message” to show just the latest message
  • Message filter: show all messages or just the pinned ones
  • Autoplay Media/Videos: this determines whether videos, GIFs and other media files will play automatically on screen
  • Mute Media/Videos: turn sound on or off for your videos

4. Preview your results

Once you have chosen all of your Slack app settings select “Preview” to see what your Slack messages will look like on screen.

Once you are happy with your settings, select “Add App”.

5. Add Slack app to a playlist

Once you’ve chosen to “Add App,” you can give your Slack app a name. This will make it easy to find if you use more than one in your Content Library.

Next, go to “Playlists” and drag and drop the app from the selection bar on the right-hand side, to the playlist of your choosing.

You can choose how long to show your Slack display for by changing the time in the duration column (currently set as 1:00 for one-minute).

Frequently asked questions:

Can I add more than one Slack room to my display?

Yes, you can add as many different Slack apps as you like, simply go through the process each time, choosing the specific room you wish to show.

How often will Slack app update?

Slack app updates in real time, so your latest messages will appear on screen within a few seconds of them being sent.

For further questions, please contact with details.   

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