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Screen Hack Friday Episode 1

Screen hack your way to better Slack use with ScreenCloud.

Jun 2019

Screen Hack Friday Episode 1

Hello and welcome to Screen Hack Friday Episode 1 where we will be showing you how to pair-up and automate Slack and ScreenCloud, to communicate better with your staff. This episode shares three easy ways to combine Slack (our fav water cooler at ScreenCloud) with your digital signage.

Firstly, create a Slack room specifically for your digital signage. This way you can keep content contained in one area, and push selected information out to your screens.

Number 1:  Use Slack for Recognition and praise.

Why not use Slack to push out high fives and praise for team members, spreading good vibes that can be displayed all across your screens? You can do this by having employees post to a “praise” room or by connecting to an HR system where you already give praise, like Bonusly.

Number 2: Employee engagement.

Use Slack to build team culture. You can do this by using cool features such as fun slido polls or competitions. For example, at ScreenCloud every Friday we share two facts about a team member and everyone votes for a week on who they think the facts belong to. We share this on screen using Slido.

Number 3: Company announcements

If you don’t have time to create a new graphic every time you have something to announce, create a Slack room called “Announcements” and connect this to your digital screens. Then, anytime you need to make a company announcement you just send it in that Slack channel and boom, it appears on your screens instantly.

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