ScreenCloud Quote App Guide

Need to showcase the best company reviews to your digital signage screens? The Quote app from ScreenCloud can help you achieve this.

Oct 2018

ScreenCloud Quote App Guide

Need a solution to showcase the best reviews your company gets from its customers and employees? The Quote app can help boost the motivation your staff needs by displaying reviews throughout your office.

Employees can gain a sense of empowerment and achievement by being able to visualize their feedback. It helps not only the employees feel further inspired to perform at their fullest potential, but gives companies a new opportunity to analyze trends and acknowledge positive performance.

The Quote app from ScreenCloud provides you with a convenient solution to share valuable feedback on your company and employees to your digital signage screens. The app works by giving you an easy way to add customer quotes to a copy of our Google Sheet template for your data, so that anyone can edit or adjust directly in Sheets, without even needing to log in to ScreenCloud.

The app can be displayed on your screen, which will include an image, the customer’s name, and job title - helping your team to always stay in tune with what your customers are saying.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Quote app

1.1. Get started on using the app by clicking here and selecting “Get App”. This option will prompt you to either log into your existing ScreenCloud Membership, or sign up for our 14-day free trial in order to use the Quote app and other available apps within our App Store.

1.2. Once you’re logged in, you can select "Add this app" from the top right-hand corner.

2. Connect your Google Account

2.1. Next, you will need to give ScreenCloud permission to access your Google Account to authorize access to the Google Sheet.

2.2. Once you have successfully logged into your Google account, this window will close and you’ll see a green checkmark next to “Log in” to show that your Google account is successfully linked. Please note: You must login with the Google Account linked to the spreadsheet.

3. Insert Your Google Spreadsheet URL & Sheet Tab Name

3.1. The next step is to use our Google Sheet quote template by clicking here.

Please note, you can create your own custom Google Sheet, but you must follow the exact format of our template. The app also will not work properly if the sheet tab name is named anything other than "Sheet1". We recommend simply making a copy of our template and editing it with your information as you see fit.

To edit the google template for your own use, please follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the upper left-hand corner and click on “File”.
  • Click on the “Make a copy” option.

  • Name your spreadsheet and click on "Folder", then click "My Drive" for the file to save on your Google Drive.

  • Click okay, you can now edit and access the spreadsheet copy in your Google Drive.

3.2. Once you’re happy with your spreadsheet, you will need to make the spreadsheet public and use that URL for sharing.

  • Open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  • In the upper-right hand corner, click on "Share".
  • From here, click on where it says "Get shareable link", and click on the drop-down menu for sharing options. Navigate to "More" at the bottom.

  • Additional link sharing options open, click on "On - Public on the web" and click save.
  • Once you click "Save", you'll return to the share window. By default, the sharing will say "Anyone on the Internet can find and view" and click the "Copy Link" button.

3.3. Please note, to add photos you must use a direct public link for the pictures to load into the Quote app. For example, we recommend using websites such as or You can upload your images to these free services then use a direct sharing option for photos in your spreadsheet. The images would have a .png or .jpg string at the end, such as You can use many different free picture hosting services with the direct links to the images.

For reference, Google Photos are not able to be used due to a safety and security policy enforced by Google which disables the photos to be embedded on third-party websites. As an alternative we recommend searching for free image hosting websites (e.g. such as and creating an account to manage your photos. You can use the public-facing URLs for your image uploads in our spreadsheet template to showcase your team photos.

3.4. Next, paste this URL into the "Spreadsheet URL" section for the Quote app. Additionally, fill out the Sheet Tab Name from the lower left-hand corner of your sheet exactly as spelled from where you want the information to pull from. Please note, if the sheet tab name is misspelled or not exactly as typed on your Google Sheet, the Quote app will not pull in the information.


4. Select a layout style

There are three layout styles available to choose from in the drop-down menu. The app can also run in either portrait or landscape mode per the orientation settings on your device.

Please Note: Each layout style will have its own word count that will determine the font size on the display. You can review the theme options and parameters for characters/font-sizes below:

i) Style 1

Characters & Font-Size Information:

0 - 150 Characters = 75px font-size

150 - 300 Characters = 50px font-size

Landscape Mode:

Portrait Mode:

ii) Style 2

Characters & Font-Size Information:

0 - 150 Characters = 65px font-size

150 - 300 Characters = 50px font-size

Landscape Mode:

Portrait Mode:

iii) Style 3

Characters & Font-Size Information:

0 - 150 Characters = 55px font-size

150 - 300 Characters = 45px font-size

Landscape Mode:

Portrait Mode:

5. Set your Feedback Duration

Next, you can set your feedback duration for however long you want each review to display for on your screen.

Please note: The default duration time is set to 20 seconds, this is what we recommend as it gives your viewer long enough to read the text without getting bored.. The minimum time for the duration feature is 5 seconds, and there is no maximum value (but remember, in areas of long dwell time seeing the same message all day could get boring!).

6. Select a Theme

The preset theme options for the Quote app include the default, dark, or light theme. You also have the option to create your own custom theme.

To create a custom theme, check out our guide on how to use the App Theme Editor. Once you’ve set up a custom theme you will see this in the theme dropdown box within the Quote app settings.

i) Default Theme

ii) Dark Theme

iii) Light Theme

iv) Custom Theme

7. Preview your results

Before you save your app it’s a great idea to give it a preview. Click “Preview” and a small pop-up window will show you exactly what the Quote app will look like on screen - including any brand colors you have chosen.

If you want to test a different setting simply click “Close Preview” and make any changes.

When you’re happy with how your Quote app looks in the preview, click “Add App.” Once you’ve chosen to “Add App” you can give your quotes app a name:

8. Add your Quote app to a playlist

Next, go to “Playlists” and drag and drop the app from the selection bar on the right-hand side to the playlist of your choosing.

You will now see this app run on your playlist live on screen.

Frequently asked questions:

How often will the app pull in updates from the spreadsheet?

When connected to a WiFi network, the app will vary pulling in updates (it can take anywhere from 5 up to 45 minutes for changes to display).

Is there anyway to change or control the transition effect?

Currently, there is not a way to control the transition effect between your feedback being displayed. This is an enhancement our team is considering for future development of the app, for now the duration option is available to control timing between your content.

Can I use this in a ticker-tape zone area?

Yes, the Quote app is compatible with a ticker-tape zone. Regardless of which style you choose, the ticker-tape version will use the style example below:

I have selected a layout style, but why is some of my content blank?

The designs will change if certain content is left blank from your Google sheet. For example, if you do not upload an image, the text will move to the left to fill this new space.

If you have not inserted a title or a name, the design will not change but no text will display. For the ticker-tape area, the design will adjust to reduce the size of that area to fill the extra space. We recommend double-checking you have filled out all of the required fields on your Google sheet and see if it matches our template.

For further questions, please contact with details.

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