ScreenCloud Outlook Calendar App Guide

Get events from Outlook onto your digital screens.

Jul 2018

ScreenCloud Outlook Calendar App Guide

The ScreenCloud Outlook Calendar app makes it easy to take events and dates from your Outlook calendar and easily add them to your digital signage screen. Choose any calendar from your Outlook email accounts, choose whether to show dates by day, week, month or upcoming and see new events appear on screen as you add them. This gives you an easy way to schedule meetings, view shared calendars and know what’s going on in your office or business.

With the ScreenCloud Outlook Calendar app you can:

  • Sync with any Outlook calendar
  • Choose from a day, week or month view, or upcoming events
  • See new events on screen, as they’re added to your calendar

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Outlook Calendar app

1.1 - To begin, follow this link and select “Get App” in the left-hand corner. This will log you in to your ScreenCloud account, or prompt you to set up our free trial in order to use the Outlook Calendar app and others within our App Store.

1.2 - Once logged in select “Add this app” from the top right hand corner.

2. Add your Outlook calendar

Once you have selected “add app” you’ll need to login with your Microsoft account in order to pick the calendar(s) you’d like to display

2.1 - Select “Login” from the settings panel.

A small pop up will appear allowing you to log in with your Microsoft account details:

2.2 - Select “Yes” to give ScreenCloud permission to pull through your calendar. Once you have logged in, you can see all of the calendars associated with your Outlook account.

2.3 - Select a calendar, or multiple calendars, to show them on your digital screen. Then, click “Ok” to return to the settings panel.

3. Choose your theme

Back in the original screen you will now see a green checkmark next to “login”.

3.1 - Next, you can choose a theme. This allows you to use the Outlook calendar app in a color scheme that suits your brand, or in one of the predefined themes that we have created for you. The predefined themes includes the light theme:

A dark theme:

You can also create a completely custom theme using any colors you like. For example, this is the app using a custom theme created in specific brand colors:

To create a custom theme, check out our guide on how to use the App Theme Editor. Once you’ve set up a custom theme you will see this in the theme dropdown box within the Outlook Calendar theme settings.

4. Choose your settings

Once you have chosen your theme there are other settings which will help you to customize your display. These include:

  • Language - we currently support English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch for Outlook Calendar app.
  • View - this allows you to pick how your events and dates will be displayed. Here, you can choose from a “Month”, “Week”, “Day” or “Upcoming” view.
  • Start my calendar on (English only) - This allows you to select whether you want your calendar to start on Sunday or Monday.
  • Events color scheme - this allows you to choose which color you’d like your events to show in. For example, this is what the “Light” theme would look like with a “Red” event color:

  • Font size - choose from regular or a larger font size for your events.

Additional Settings:

  • Number of events (Upcoming only) - if you are using the “Upcoming” view this allows you to select how many upcoming events you’d like to be shown on screen at any one time.
  • Add Locations (Upcoming only) - if you are using the "Upcoming" view, this will pull in any location(s) you have set for your calendar events.
  • Number of months (Month-view only) - Choose up to a maximum of 6 months to show on screen at any one time. This option will display progress bars if you have multiple months set, in which the app will automatically transition from month-to-month to show events.

5. Preview your results

Once you are happy with your settings, or to check on what a certain setting looks like, you can click “Preview app”. This will allow you to preview your calendar and check that you are happy with how the events are showing.

6. Add your Outlook Calendar to a playlist

Once you’re happy with your Outlook Calendar, you can add it to one of your digital signage playlists.

6.1 - Select “Add App” and choose a name for the calendar, for example “Upcoming Events”. This will help you to spot it later if you’re adding more than one calendar to your playlist.

6.2 - Next, go to “Playlists” and drag and drop your Outlook Calendar from the selection bar on the right-hand side to the playlist of your choosing.

Frequently asked questions:

How often does the Outlook Calendar update?

The Outlook Calendar updates every 10 minutes. This means that once you have added or edited an event, it can take 10 minutes for the screen to update and show the latest information.

How long will the Outlook Calendar show for?

Outlook Calendar will show for the time you have set in its duration within the playlist. You can edit this by going to Playlists and clicking on the time duration shown next to the Calendar.

How can I show events from my Google calendar?

Check out our Event Calendar app for Google calendars.

Can I add multiple app instances with different Outlook accounts?

Currently, the app can only be used with one Outlook login across as many app instances as you create. For example, if you create an instance of the app and login with your Outlook account then moving forward you can only select calendars from that specific login. The app does not have the ability to mix and match alternate Outlook logins to pull in calendars from more than one account while being used.

For further questions, please contact with details.

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