ScreenCloud Embed App Guide

Easily take a webpage, video or map and send it to your digital screens.

Jan 2018

ScreenCloud Embed App Guide

The ScreenCloud Embed app makes it easy to share a page from your website, a video from YouTube or information from a site such as Google Maps to your digital screens. This makes it easy to repurpose web content in a live feed, that updates and plays on the digital screens within your office, restaurant, store, school, café or healthcare center.

With the ScreenCloud Embed app you can:

  • Paste any embed code provided from your website
  • Embed YouTube videos or Google Maps information
  • Add Embed app to a playlist and allow content to update automatically

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Embed app

1.1. Get started by clicking here and selecting “Get App”. This will prompt you to either log into your existing ScreenCloud account, or sign up for our 14-day free trial in order to use the Embed app and other available apps within our App Store.

1.2. Once you’ve logged in, you can select “Add this app” from the top right-hand corner.

Embed app from ScreenCloud

2. Grab your embed code

Next, you’ll need to find the embed code from the source you wish to share from the source website. For example, you can visit and use an embed code available to share a video using ScreenCloud's Embed app. This works by using an IFrame code in ScreenCloud to display the embedded content from another website on your digital screens. You can learn more about Embed codes by visiting Hubspot's blog post for more information.

Please note, For technical and security reasons we can only support websites in the Embed app with https:// or websites with SSL. So any websites with no SSL or has only http:// prefix will not return anything. Additionally, web owners and source websites might have restrictions on how content functions or performs while embedded on third-party services (i.e. such as ScreenCloud). For example, a video could play with audio by default while being viewed on the host website, but when shared the video owner could alter the embed code settings to restrict sound/audio from playing while the video is used on another website.

2.1. As an example walkthrough of how to grab an embed code, we'll visit and use a video to get started.

2.2. Search for and select on the video you'd like to embed.

2.3. While viewing a video, look toward the lower corner of the video player and select the "Share" option. From here, select the "Embed" option and a code will in the pop-up window. You can also embed a playlist by clicking the playlist’s title, choosing “Share” and “Embed” then copy the code that is shown.

Embed a YouTube video

Embed a YouTube video

2.4. Copy the IFrame code generated and paste it into ScreenCloud's Embed app.

Quick tip: You can also embed and display content using Google Maps. If you wish to embed a Google Map display, search for your location on Google Maps and select “Share”.

Embed Google Map

Next, select “Embed map” and copy the code that is shown.

Google map embed code

3. Add the code to Embed

Paste the IFrame code copied from YouTube (or the source site) into the Embed app console.

Embed app

Please note: if you're using an incorrect or broken iFrame URL, or if it doesn't have the permissions to be used in a third-party service, you'll likely receive a generic error message or notice from the web browser you're using to set up the app. For example, if you tried to visit the website embedded in your iFrame code and receive a "404 Error" from Google, you'll see this same error while previewing or trying to use the app.

4. Preview Embed app

Check your embedded page is working correctly by selecting “Preview app”. Embed app will automatically resize the content to fill the screen.

i) Previewing a video

Embed app - preview the app 9.13.2019.png

ii) Previewing Google Maps

Embed app

5. Add Embed app to a playlist

5.1. Once you are happy with your embedded link select “Add App” and choose a name for the selection for example “Google Maps - our address”. This will help you to spot it later if you’re adding more than one embedded URL to a playlist.

Embed app our address

5.2. Next, go to “Playlists” and drag and drop your Embed app from the selection bar on the right-hand side to the playlist of your choosing.

Embed app playlist

Here, you can choose the duration that your embedded URL or video will play for.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use Embed app to share a social media post?

No, social media channels do not allow you to display content in an external iframe so the sharing of Facebook posts, Instagram posts etc. will show the message “site doesn’t allow to be embedded into iframe”. Take a look at one of our other social media apps for sharing specific posts, accounts and channels.

What can I use Embed app for?

Mostly, Embed app is used to share website pages, YouTube videos or playlists of map displays.

For further questions please contact with details.

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