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Zoho Customers

Like most businesses, you will speak to certain segments of your customers whether it's the small businesses that act like mini-celebrities within your Customer Success team giving feedback on your products as well as the large enterprise customers that everyone in the businesses knows.
However, there will be that silent majority that you, your support team or customer success team don't know about that's why we built this tool so that you can know your customers better.
All you need to do is simply connect your Zoho CRM account with the ScreenCloud signage platform and our platform does the work for you. We take your customers from your Zoho CRM, we get the useful information and then show it up on your screens in a visual way. The best part is the data we pull through we enrich and the visual imagery is done by ourselves so it's all automated. And each month when you add new customers it will show up new customers up on your screen by getting a random feed through so that you and the rest of your company can learn more about who your customers really are.